Colt M-16-9 SMG Barrels


My M-16-9 3 lug barrels are made from premium quality 4140 chrome-moly steel.  They have 1-10” twist to stabilize 147-158 gn. bullets at sub-sonic velocities and have a black oxide finish.  These barrels are designed for use in Colt pattern upper receivers with Colt  style magazines and are available in 5.0” and 9.0” lengths.  I use a custom ground carbide chamber reamer designed specifically for this application.  The chamber is slightly tighter than most SMG chambers to improve accuracy without sacrificing reliability.  Some customers report accuracy of 2.0” at 100 yards using 147 and 158 gn. hand loads.  They will accept any known 3 lug quick detach mount.  Virtually all 148 or 158 gn. Commercial ammunition will be sub-sonic in the 5.0” barrel.  In the 9.0” barrel the ammunition will need to be loaded for SMG use to stay sub-sonic.  List price for the 5.0” barrel is $180.00 and for the 9.0” is $230.00.

Contact Mark McWillis at for availability and ordering information.  Dealer pricing is available for both models.