PS90 Ultra Low Optics Mounts


The FN PS90 is a very unique and interesting carbine with many wonderful attributes. Unfortunately, the original factory ring sight leaves a lot to be desired. Picatinney rails are available for several sources and while they allow the use of any desired optic they are very often too tall for the user to get a proper cheek weld. We currently offer 2 different optics mounts for the P90-PS90. Both are designed to mount the optic as low as possible without making modifications to the receiver.

The first mount is for the Trijicon mini ACOG. It mounts the excellent Mini ACOG 1.5x or 2x scopes as low as possible and as far back as possible for proper eye relief. It comes with mounting hardware and requires no modifications to the gun. It can be used with accessory side rails. The list price is $74.95.

The second mount is for the Aimpoint M2, ML2, M3, ML3 and PRO red dot sights. The mount uses the ARMS M68 30mm Aimpoint ring and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. This mount is also compatible with accessory side rails. The list price is $109.95

Contact Mark McWillis at for availability and ordering information. Dealer pricing is available for both models.